Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time well wasted?

Just a note to self--if I can't be a good example, at least let me be a horrible warning! I have spent so much time today trying to find pictures that will tart up my blog.I can see how much more fun it is to read a post with images, BUT I am very keen to use images that are not violating copyright. I seem to be pretty confused about the topic. I began this course with limited computer skills so every week I know that I'm learning plenty, but I waste a LOT of time trying to do things for the second and third time....I expect to remember, but I don't.

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Val said...

HI Steph: I can relate to your time wll wasted. I spend numerous hours trying things, once, twice, three times....I flip back and forth between screens a lot.

Copyright is another issue I need to learn more about. I had a my video of my kids at Build A Bear taken off of my facebook profile as it violated copyright. In hindsigth I think it was the overlay of the song Teddy Bear picnic that was the culprit. Bob and I looked the song up it was written in 1903 which means it should be public domain by now. I'm guessing the Anne Murray version we used is copyrighted. Still so much to learn. Keep up the great work.