Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daredevil Today---Comic book version

Hot off the press is this October 26th, 2008 of the most recent Daredevil Comic book--- issue #112. Writing in CBR reviews, Timothy Callahan, offers an overview of the long arc of the Daredevil story. He underlines the influence of multiple writers and artists, each taking the character in different directions, through different eras. This issue is interesting in that it introduces Lady Bullseye, a deadly female version of the maniacal Bullseye we met in the movie version. (Same sculpted forehead scar). Callahan writes:

As dark as this issue is, and it's literally very dark -- full of heavy blacks and plenty of night scenes -- "Daredevil" feels more vibrantly alive than it has in a long time. This is a far cry from a light-hearted comic, but it seems to have shaken off the shackles of the burdensome melodrama. Brubaker and Lark have embraced the Frank Miller building blocks of this series, adding 50% more ninjas and giving Daredevil a mysterious new costumed foe who just happens to be a beautiful, and deadly, woman.
Perhaps it's not that Brubaker is taking this series in a new direction, but that he's returning it to its roots, and doing it in his own particular way. Without a doubt, though, "Daredevil" has now regained its status as one of the must-read Marvel comics. It's the Brubaker/Lark "Daredevil" comic that you expected a couple of years ago, finally free of the Bendis influence.
This is a big theme to fans of comic books---different writers and artists do very different things to beloved characters. Fans (and reviewers), have strong reactions to changes. Many fans have a detailed knowledge of the Marvel universe so opinions about different character interpretations ring out loud and clear.

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