Saturday, January 19, 2008

another day , another truckload of new technology

My new Macbook arrived yesterday. My very first, very own computer! Fittingly, I took it, in the box, to the home of my first born, Thomas,  for my first lesson on how to use it. 
Who knew he had such highly developed teaching skills? He patiently and articulately led me through the aforementioned truckload of new stuff. He intuitively knew to limit the amount of time we spent going over it all, ( i.e. we stopped before my head exploded). 

And here I am, mere hours later, posting this entry on my very own blog. 

I can tell that I'll need to run hard and fast to catch up to the rest of the EDES 545 class, but I'm pretty sure that learning by doing is (still) pedagogically sound.  


Val Martineau said...

Congratulations Steph on your new computer and getting it up and running so quickly, with help from Thomas.

I too will be running hard and fast to catch up to our techie colleagues, but I'm looking forward to the exploration. As you said, nothing beats learning by doing.

Linda Morgan said...

Isn't it great how our kids have become our teachers? I always thought that polishing my dentures or turning up my hearing aids would be the way my kids would contribute to my care, but reality shows me the same thing it's showing you!

elizabeth said...

You are up and running Steph, how exciting. Isn't it a wonderful thing to learn from our children? Before long, I suspect you will know things about technology that you can share with them. Learning by doing is definitely the way to go and don't worry, the first few weeks of the first course are the hardest. You constantly feel like you are running to catch up, but before long, you'll be jogging along(almost)comfortably.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your first blog postings and your new computer. I also have a Mac at home and love it. It is a little strange switching back and forth between PC and Mac but I am getting more used to it.

I am hoping that learning by doing is going to work. As you know, this is all new for Joanne and me too! I am so thrilled to see that Will Richardson commented on a blog. That is just so cool.

I must write him a note and thank him (on his blog of course).

Keep up the great work.