Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Actually using the technology

Just a short note and a chortle. My assignment was to actually USE photobucket or another photo sharing site, so early this morning my trusty mac and I gave it a go. Dead easy, which is of course the point. I can now understand through experience just how easy it is to begin. I know it will be fun to continue playing and learning on photobucket. This learning carries with it the bonus insight that unless I MAKE another teacher use the new technology, they probably won't, since most educators would rather do the readings, because that's always worked for us before (e.g. all the way through university, particularly if we became adults before the 21st century). In my experience Teacher Librarians love collaborating, but it has to be beneficial to the classroom teacher and her students. So, time, critical thinking, curricular relevance and prescribed learning outcomes all need to be part of the package.


Jennifer said...

Hi Stephanie,

Joanne and I chatted this morning and realized that we probably needed to make it clearer that this was about play - although you got it on your own.

We expect to see a variety of levels of play - people with different skills will try different things.

Ronda said...

Hi Steph,

I enjoyed playing with the photosharing sites, too. I only wish I had more time to try the creative ideas that everyone has been suggesting! But at least I have the curiousity and desire to learn more about it. How do we get other teachers on board with the new technologies we have been learning about? They haven't been all that scary, have they? Thanks for sharing your positive attitude about this experience!


Cindy said...

Hi Steph

I enjoyed playing with Photo Bucket too! Looking forward to also convincing some teachers to get involved using this web tool. I agree with you that it needs to be connected to the curriculum which is my own personal philosophy.There are so many possibilities and i would love to hear what successes you have had!