Monday, February 4, 2008

TeacherTube trips

The videos that I checked out include a 10 minute video describing how Civilization III, a computer game, is used in history classes at Kimball Union Academy. Because I know from (parenting) experience how much kids learn and love role playing video games this really intrigued me. The concept of getting buy in from administration also interested me. Certainly we seem to spend a lot of time asking kids to stop playing games, at school--but again-- the theme of learning through play pops up. I like the learning details included, e.g. a discussion of the rubric used to evaluate time spent playing the game, and a final reflective project.

Recently a conversation between my husband, son Thomas, and I about the historical details and of 'Assassin's Creed'-- another role playing game this time based on the Crusades, got me thinking about the possibility of using games like this in the library and the Social Studies classes. It cheers me to know that these educational games are being created and incorporating so much historical accuracy.

The Teacher-Tube video is one that I would use for promoting the concept to administrators and parents.

I include the tag and channel information for this one because I liked navigating around the TeacherTube site with some direction and assistance.


Arlene said...

Hi Steph,
Your discussion of the video about gaming as a learning tool reminded me about a blog post that I read discussing the game "Venture Africa" where the student task is to create a balanced ecosystem in an African savanna.

Linda Morgan said...

Your "Assassin's Creed" suggestion would have lots of appeal for several students I can think of - thanks for the tip.