Sunday, February 24, 2008

A family podcast!

You can find the audio file here!


Jennifer said...

AMAZING!! I hope you are planning to share this with other parents in your school. What a great idea to have a discussion with parents about gaming and with their kids about the future of gaming!


elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed this Steph, my compliments to your kids on how well they articulate their opinions and for their perspectives. It is always easy to criticize something we know little about and that has certainly happened with gaming. Your podcast made me think about how students could engage in debates with other students around the world, using podcasting.
Hats off to you and the gang!

Val said...

WONDERFUL! Steph the podcast on gaming with your kids was thought provoking, engaging, entertaining and most of all educational. Compliments to you all.

As a parent of a 6 and 8 year old who's kids enjoy I found it great to listen to learn about ESRB rating system.

Daniel, Tom and Sarah generated excellent conversation from the generation who is using web 2.0 tools the most. I thought Tom's comment "Games don't make bad people, parenting makes bad people." was very insightful for a 20 year old.

I really like how you are involving your own kids in our discovery of Web 2.0 tools. It makes it all that much more meaningful.