Monday, February 4, 2008

TeacherTube and YouTube finale

Once again, I'm still playing when I need to be finished my posts on this topic. Today is textbook signout day at Stelly's as we begin semester 2. We'll be moving about 6000 texts into students' hands over the next two days. What I like about this crazy time is I have an opportunity to speak to pretty well every student in the school. Positive interactions now mean that students will ask me for help when they are searching for books, sites, learning support in general, and affirmation of one kind or another. As I sign out their textbooks I get the chance to talk to each student, to connect their names with their faces. As a non-enrolling teacher tis is my big chance to make connections. I love it!

I will work my YouTube explorations into the conversations I have with students. I like them to know that I value their opinions and experiences and that I am a busily engaged learner, too. I know I will be spending more time on the 'tubes', learning more tricks about navigating smoothly and creatively. So of course, this isn't really a finale, just an intermission!

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