Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now we're cooking!

As I jump into the world of technology I am competing for time at the computer with my teenage daughter. She has a project due tomorrow---I have a blog to create tonight! Solution, I am 'cooking up a blog' on the family room computer with two and a half men (sitcom) in the background, while my daughter writes in peace and quiet upstairs at my computer. Oh well, good training for a high school librarian.

I spend my days, at present, in the middle of a busy library, surrounded by stimulating, boisterous adolescents. There is a lot of noise and most days, lots of learning. Learning to think, compose, and produce coherent prose in the midst of chaos is a life skill required for 21st century living.


Jennifer said...

Great start Stephanie! Right now we have 4 laptops in our living room - so if Andy decides he wants to blog he will have lots of choice.

Looking forward to your blog.

John Lobe said...

Hi Steph - I hope that your daughter's project is in the bag. Even teacher's have computer access issues at times!

elizabeth said...

Now you have your very own laptop, you can have access when you need it! If your house is like mine,peace and quiet might still be a challenge!